Year 9 Pupils Attend University Taster Day

As part of Bishop Vaughan’s School ongoing programme of encouraging aspirations, a group of Year 9 pupils attended a taster day at Swansea University’s Bay Campus.

The pupils took part in a number of subject workshops, including Genetics, where marshmallow models were used to explain genetics. Pupils played a game choosing chromosomes from the mother and father to produce an alien baby.

Pupils also gave presentations as part of an Entrepreneurship talk. They first had to say what frustrated them on post-it notes (Maths was high on the list, along with lying). Pupils then had to design products that could help overcome these frustrations.

In the afternoon, pupils participated in a discussion on the influence of the Russian government on the election of President Trump and compared it to the influence of the CIA on elections in Italy in 1948 Italy by looking at election posters from both time periods.

The pupils agreed the day was a very valuable experience and helped them gain an insight into studying at university and the range of subjects available in higher education. Many thanks to the South Wales and West Reaching Wider Partnership for inviting our pupils to participate in the day.

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