Year 9 Participate in Swansea University Engineering Workshop

A group of Year 9 pupils took part in an Engineering workshop today led by students from Swansea University.

The workshop was part of the ‘Bloodhound’ project – engineers from Swansea University are working on making a car capable of travelling at 1000mph. BVS pupils were introduced to the Bloodhound car and project, before spending the day using their new knowledge to design and make their rocket cars. The pupils were then able to test whether their cars worked on the yard to see whether they had applied engineering principles correctly.

The pupils enjoyed the day a great deal and were very grateful to Swansea University for organising the day for them. Melvin, from 9.2 described his experiences: ‘It was fantastic to learn and experience how much skill and effort it takes to build such an advanced car. I’m so pleased I was able to take part in the event and I look forward to further opportunities like this one.’

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