Year 12 Supercurricular Opportunities

Bishop Vaughan School has arranged a number of exciting opportunities for Year 12 to develop their supercurricular knowledge and skills in preparation for university. The following opportunities are available for pupils:

Nuffield Placements talk on Friday 20th Jan in C1 at lunchtime: Andrea Meyrick of the Nuffield Trust will be visiting school to discuss applications for STEM placements with the organisation.

STEM Russell Club on Tuesday 24th January in C1 at 3.30pm: Ross Davies of Swansea University will be in school to run a STEM seminar – Year 12 students should collect the reading from Miss Siddika to prepare for the seminar.

Law Conference at Swansea University on Monday 30th January: There are limited places available for students to attend a Law Conference where they will receive subject masterclasses and careers talks. The trip will cost £10. Letters can be collected from Miss Siddika in C1.

Oxbridge Conference on Wednesday 29th March at the Liberty Stadium: Oxford and Cambridge University will be at the Liberty Stadium, offering subject and application information. To register for this event, please see Miss Siddika ASAP as there are limited places left. NB: Students will need to make their own way to and from the conference as it is a university Open Day.

If students or parents have any questions, please contact Miss Siddika.