World Book Day Thursday 2nd March 2017

World Book Day Thursday 2nd March 2017

On Thursday 2nd March, it was World Book Day. Year 7 pupils dressed up and had a lot of fun! This is what they said:


“I dressed up as Catniss Everdeen and I went up to the library and did lots of fun activities. I contributed to the display for the yellow brick road, did an anagrams sheet and made words out of book titles. I also entered the dress up competition and went with my friends to the book fair. I bought books out of my money and vouchers from my English teacher. If you didn’t go you missed a lot of fun and please dress up next year.”       Charley Davies 7.5


“I dressed up as Where’s Wally. During lunchtime in the library there were games and quizzes. There was also a yellow brick road which you had to write about your favourite book. Then after that Charley and I did a worksheet where the letters of a book were jumbled up and we had to write what it was. I also won a £5 voucher for WHSmiths. With my book token I bought a book. I enjoyed World Book Day very much.”     Emily Leah James 7.5


“I dressed up as a fox from Fantastic Mr Fox. I went up to the library because I heard activities were going on. I did a lot of activities like a quiz about books and authors and I came second in the costume competition. I love World Book Day and can’t wait until next year!!!!”      Finley Williams 7.5



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