We’re going Cashless



You will be given a registration attendance time by your form tutor.  Please make your way to the requested site at the given time.

On arrival give your SURNAME to the operator, who will use it to search your details on the system.  You will then be asked to confirm your FORENAME.

When asked, please rest your right thumb onto the new Cashless System sensor (flat on and to the top of the plastic, as shown below).  The scanner will not register if you press on too hard.  The operator will tell you if more pressure is required.

The system requires two identical scans so you will be asked to remove your thumb from the sensor and to place it back on again for the second scan.

Finally, the operator will ask you to place the same thumb on another sensor, which will then display your name.  Please check your name and if correct, the registration is complete.

Registrations will take place week commencing 11th July 2016.

The Trust-e Cashless Catering System provided by Nationwide Retail Systems Limited will now be used by our catering team.

This System will reduce queues at lunch time, provide anonymous free school meals to pupils and allow monies to be pre-paid for dinner money.

We anticipate that the system will “Go Live”  week commencing 12th September 2016.

Further information on the system provided by Nationwide Retail Systems Limited can be found at www.nrsltd.com





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