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The Big Conversation

On 7th July 2017, Bishop Vaughan was invited to Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Bryn Tawe along with other schools across the Local Authority, to celebrate The Big Conversation, which is a project that gives young people the chance to voice their thoughts on cultural and social issues. We conversed on how to tackle them for our present and future.

When we arrived we were greeted in an uplifting and polite manner, from there we were guided by pupils from Bryn Tawe and directed to their very colourful main hall. Then the introduction took place and we reflected on previous Big Conversations. To help us reflect, we played a piñata game which highly amused us.

Next we were given evaluation questions and were told to draw our faces on a large cloth, we then attached flags to this cloth with what we thought the most important right is written on it. This will be kept by the Right Team as a Mandala Flag to symbolise this year’s events.

After break, we were split into groups and played a game called Human Hungry Hippos. The objective was to collect balls in a tub which represented the hippo’s mouth. Each ball equalled to a point and the team with the most points wins. Pupils had to wear a helmet and go in and out of the ball pit on a skateboard on their stomachs. The game was really funny, challenging and action packed.

We ended the day with a water filled version of rounder’s, the aim of game was to hit the ball; as far as you can and slide your way around the bases whilst being attacked by the fielders with water guns, balloons and buckets.

Including everything that we learnt about Children’s Rights and the amount of fun that we had, Bishop Vaughan came 3rd place in the Local Authority and won £100 which we can put toward future Rights Respecting School activities.

Everyone who took part left Bryn Tawe School smiling, laughing and covered in water. We all loved the experience.

Written by Luke, Kaitlyn, Sam, Earl, Eloisa, Megan, Jansen, Michelle and Shania (Rights and School Council Team)