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Y5 Murder Mystery Transition Day

Y5 St Joseph’s and Gwyrosydd pupils successfully cracked the case today, identifying the murderer. They participated in a range of lessons to rule out the innocent suspects. Many thanks to PC Craig who came to arrest the guilty suspect.  


Day two of Y5 Transition days.

Day two of Y5 Transition days at Bishop Vaughan School. St David’s, St Illtyd’s and St Joseph’s Clydach all enjoyed their day rapping and beatboxing with Ed Holden.  


My First Day At Bishop Vaughan

A poem written by Aoife-Mae Maddock, Year 7. As you can imagine, The first day had me anxious. More than anxious. I was shook up, shaky, overwrought, And very, very nervous   The day began with cereal, Complimented by vigorous, violent butterflies. Persistent butterflies. I looked like a different person with my uniform...