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Saturday Science Club at Swansea University

Bishop Vaughan pupils from Year 9 are attending a Saturday Science Club at Swansea University over the next two months. The club is run by the Reaching Wider Partnership and has been designed specifically to encourage girls to consider careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine. Six pupils are spending their...

CAFOD Fundraising

The Key Stage 3 CAFOD group has raised £900 this year through their fundraising activities. The group has organised regular collections of small donations, an Easter Egg raffle, cake sales and other competitions, including a treasure map contest. The group will continue their fundraising efforts over the next financial year...

Pupils getting in the Zone

Pupils and staff working on My Maths in the Learning Zone. The Learning Zone is open after school Monday to Thursday every week from 3.30 to 4.30pm. All pupils are welcome! Mrs Jones


Chess Club Returns

Chess runs every Wednesday lunch in A7 for all years. We have had over 35 pupils dropping in over the last few weeks. We are running an ongoing tournament. Everyone needs to play everyone else in the club, each game being 15 mins. Results are recorded and soon we hope...