Summer Work Experience – GP Placements

As part of the school’s programme to support More Able and Talented (MAT) pupils, Bishop Vaughan has helped pupils identify work experience and summer school opportunities. These activities form a crucial part of future university applications and will enable our pupils to attend top universities and over-subscribed degree subjects. Over the next few days, pupils will be sharing their summer experiences on the website, starting with the GP work experience programme.

Ten pupils in Year 11 and Year 12 participated in this new scheme, which offers GP placements to eligible applicants. The scheme is run by the Reaching Wider Partnership at Swansea University, which has worked closely with Bishop Vaughan School over the past year. Ira, in Year 12, described her experience:

“Throughout my GP work experience, I have learnt various things that I did not necessarily know before. My range of knowledge has widened and I have begun to develop the necessary skills that are essential in becoming a doctor. By shadowing a GP doctor, you get a live experience of what their job is all about – consultations, house calls, doing minor tests and physical observations – and you begin to realise that their job involves meeting people of different backgrounds, making sure you’re always up to date, and being an overall ‘people person’.

Within the surgery, you also have to work well with all the staff and nurses, and make sure that time is used effectively and efficiently because there are many patients waiting in line for their appointments. It was really interesting listening to the consultations and listening to the different problems that people encounter. You get to observe how the GP deals with each patient, what they do to deal with their patient’s problem, and what solution they provide to them. I even got to experience what kind of job the nurses do in their clinics! The surgery overall functions effectively with the team work of the entire staff. Even if doctors are the essential staff, nurses and practitioners are very much needed and relied on for minor concerns and tests – they then overall aid with the amount of patients the doctor sees as some nurses and nurse practitioners are qualified and are able to perform minor tests and deal with other issues.

It’s a very hard job, I have to admit, but that didn’t put me off my goal of becoming a doctor. That’s the important thing if people want to become a doctor, to get the experience first. They need to know if they’re up for this kind of job, what it involves, if they can handle it and if they will enjoy it – and this is what this experience has given me.”


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