Shell Energy Day STEM Event

logo51 year eight pupils took part in the Shell Energy Day hosted by the Engineering Education Scheme Wales (EESW) presenters Huw and Sarah. The students looked at the different types of renewable, non-renewable and sustainable energy forms. They then took part in an energy challenge where they designed and tested a super capacitor motorised car. They had to design and make the car and then test it to see it worked. When the car was working the pupils then had to work out what voltage to charge the super capacitor to enable the car to travel eight point five meters. Prizes were awarded for the closest car to reach eight point five meters and for the best designed car.

EESW kindly presented the school with the Shell Carbon Capture Kit worth around £1000.00. This kit provides ideas and materials for use in physics experiments at GCSE and A level. We all enjoyed the day and the standard of competition was very high. We hope that more pupils will consider STEM careers for the future.


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