Natal Sharks Rugby workshop

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On Wednesday the 4th November, the Natal Sharks rugby academy from South Africa came to Bishop Vaughan School. The South African rugby team visited Wales to help try and promote the sport of rugby and encourage students to take up the sport. The academy provided the students with a 25 minute presentation on what it is like to be a professional rugby player and what day to day life is like for an academy player.

After the presentation, a mixed group of year 10 and sixth form Bishop Vaughan students had the opportunity to take part in a training session with the Natal Sharks attack and skills coach. The students were then provided with information about potentially joining the academy in Durban, South Africa, over the summer holidays to experience life as a Natal Sharks academy rugby player. The students involved had a great experience working with some of the best coaches in the world and left the workshop full of enthusiasm.


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