Moving from Year 6

What Our Pupils Think About Moving Into Year 7

“I have really enjoyed Year 7. I have made loads of new friends. My favorite subject is music. When I first came to the school it seemed really big and Scary. It’s not like this at all.”

“Year 7 is COOL! I have done some lessons here that I didn’t do in primary. I only knew one other person at the start. I have scored 7 tries playing rugby for the school and I have joined the athletics team.”

 “Hi! Romeo here. My time in BVS has been spectacular. My favorite lesson is Games. My house won the Eisteddfod and we are hoping to win sports day too. You get to go on great trips and activities.”

“Hi, my name is Georgia. I used to go to Gwyrosydd. Year 7 is AMAZING. It is quite hard being the youngest again but you get used to it. I’ll be in Year 8 soon. I play netball for the school and am captain of the team. I am 7.5’s tutorial REP.”

“My name is Hannah and I’m in 7.1. I came up from Gwyrosydd last year and made lots of new friends. This year in May I’m going to the Hay Festival.  Year 7 is AWESOME. Hope to see you next year.”

Your Questions Answered By Our Current Year 7 Pupils











Taster Day Speeches

My name is Kaitlyn and I remember clearly when I was sat exactly where you are and was as nervous as some of you are today.  You are very nervous when you go into comp but to be honest when you have lived out your first week in BVS you feel confident you know your way around the school and you really get to know your teachers.  I have become close with many of my teachers and they all treat us with respect and talk to us really kindly.  BVS has been amazing to me and I have absolutely enjoyed Y7 and I really hope that you do to.  Good Luck.


Hello, my name is Georgia. Year 7 is amazing!!! It’s supposed to be the best year too.  Luckily, I had the best head of years.  In your tutorials, they will select a boy and a girl to be representatives.  They will then go forward to be elected for the school council.  Luckily I was chosen!  I love being on the school council!  You get to go on fun trips too.  I play netball too, and I’m on the team!  I came here by myself, and it was terrifying!  But I made amazing friends and fabulous best friends in no time.  I’d like to thank the staff and pupils for making Year 7 amazing!  I hope you will enjoy too!!


Hi my name is Katie.  I joined Bishop Vaughan at the beginning of the last school year.  I remember being sat right where you are this time last year feeling really nervous but there was nothing to be worried about!!!

I have really enjoyed my time at Bishop Vaughan so far and I am sure it’s going to get better!!

Don’t worry about the silly rumours about comprehensive school they are not true.  Bullying is almost non-existent at this school, but on the rare occasion bullying does occur, Bishop Vaughan has Room 19 and Leap to deal with the bullies.

If you still have worries when you come to our school there are plenty of people that you can ask, like your Form Tutor, Senior Tutor, Head of House, Senior Staff and any other teacher.

Bishop Vaughan is a big school and you think it would be hard to find your way around, but it’s not, I didn’t get lost once.  BVS is easy to navigate your way round.

The teachers at Bishop Vaughan are really friendly and helpful.  You will have a really great time when you join in September.


Hello Year 6, some of you know me but for those who don’t, my name is Alicia.  I joined Bishop Vaughan in September and it has been an awesome year so far.  There are lots of clubs that you can attend, if you like computer games, then you can attend robotics and make your own games, but for those who like experiments, try out the science club.

I know from experience that it’s really scary going to a new bigger school but once you’re settled here then you’ll be fine.  It’s great in comp because you get a bigger responsibility therefore you can grow as a person and I know that being in comp has given me this experience.  I hope you have a wonderful day and I look forward to seeing lots of you in September.