Moving from Year 6


Transition days 2017/2018

  • 26th and 27th September 2017 – Year 6
  • 5th October 2017 – Open evening
  • 19th October 2017 – Year 7 pastoral evening
  • 12th  and 13th February 2018 – Year 5
  • 3rd  and 4th July 2018 – Year 6


What Our Pupils Think About Moving Into Year 7

“When I first joined Bishop Vaughan was nervous and excited. I didn’t know what people were like but I was excited because I wanted to meet new people as I was the only girl from my primary.  The teachers at BVS are very kind. I go to the cooking club on a Wednesday after school. During our activity day we went to Oxwich bay and I had a really good time learning. My favourite part of coming to BVS is learning new things and making friends” (Grace, 7S) 

“Our school is a great school! The teachers are lovely, lessons are good and the clubs keep you busy. I think you will enjoy this school also” (Ashley, 7E) 

“When I joined Bishop Vaughan I was really nervous because it was my first time in secondary school and I missed primary. There are loads of good opportunities such as clubs like art club, cooking, sports and more. We also get good food” (Arun, 7D)

 “When I moved to Bishop Vaughan I was shy but a few days later I settles in fine. There are many clubs here in BVS for us to be healthy. I am in the tournament in chess club and so far I have not been beaten! The teachers and lessons are fun and hard. I have enjoyed Bishop Vaughan so far and I hope to see you up here next year” (Dylan, 7W) 

“When I first came in to Bishop Vaughan I was nervous. I didn’t know any teachers and I didn’t know a lot of people. I am now used to the school and really enjoy it and have made lots of friends. I have joined the school rugby and football teams and I really enjoy representing the school. I am sure you will be looking forward to joining Bishop Vaughan” (Morgan, 7W) 

“I enjoy coming to Bishop Vaughan because I like my lessons, my friends, the food and the clubs. Bishop Vaughan is really fun” (Adam, 7E) 

“When I joined Bishop Vaughan I felt really nervous, but my friends and the teachers helped me to study. On the first day we had a tour of the school and we were given our timetable. A few days after we started going to lessons, we had assemblies and extra-curricular clubs started. I joined the coding club. It was really fun because we got to type up codes for games and we got to test each other. In October we had a trip to Oxwich bay and in November we had a healthy activities day where we could try new activities such as yoga and boxercise” (Alex, 7S)