Mental Health Awareness Week

Bishop Vaughan School has been holding a series of events to mark Mental Health Awareness Week 2017. Talks and workshops have been run throughout the week to help pupils understand mental health and develop strategies to cope with mental health issues such as anxiety and stress. Events have included workshops led by Mr McKay, and daily assemblies delivered by the Sixth Form prefect team.

On Thursday, a representative from Mind, the mental health charity, visited the school to discuss ways to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health issues. She explained that the language surrounding mental health often meant people are afraid to discuss their difficulties. Phrases such as ‘man up’ and ‘too sensitive’ often make people unwilling to talk. “However, being too sensitive should not be seen as a bad thing. It means you are aware of your feelings, which makes you more aware of other people’s feelings. It makes you more mentally healthy in the long run.”

The pupils found the session extremely helpful in identifying strategies to discuss their mental health with family and friends.

Mental Health Awareness Week concludes tomorrow with a fundraising bake sale in the Sixth Form Common Room. All proceeds will go to Mind.