A Level Historians Attend University Conference

Year 12 and 13 students attended a History conference at Swansea University last week.

The conference was organised by the Out of the Shadows project, a group f academics researching espionage and covert actions by governments. The topic was especially relevant to the Year 13 History class, who study US foreign policy for their A Level exam. During the day, students listened to lectures from a range of historians, including Dr Rory Cormac, from Nottingham University, and Dr Luca Trenta, from Swansea University. The students also participated in a workshop exploring the impact of covert operations on elections in history.

The day was a fantastic opportunity for students to access specialist knowledge for their A Levels, as well as interact with academics and gain a taste of university life. The day was enjoyed by all and the students were a credit to the school with their enthusiasm and engagement.


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