Humanities Problem Based Learning Day

The Humanities subject bloc, made up of Geography, History and Social Sciences, held its first Problem Based Learning (PBL) Day last week. The PBL Days are designed to develop pupils’ wider skills and understanding across different subjects.

In Year 7, pupils are examining the topic of ‘The Welsh Landscape: Physical, Political and Historical.’ Pupils participated in trips to Oxwich Bay, the Senedd in Cardiff and the Big Pit Mining Museum in order to learn about different aspects of Wales. The pupils will continue to study this topic across PBL Days in Years 8 and 9, so will have the opportunity to attend all three locations during Key Stage 3. The PBL Day was very successful and pupils enjoyed their experiences, which included tours of the Senedd and the Big Pit mine and field work in Oxwich Bay. Pupils agreed the trips have provided a deeper understanding of Wales and are looking forward to the PBL Day in Year 8.