My First Day At Bishop Vaughan

A poem written by Aoife-Mae Maddock, Year 7.

As you can imagine,

The first day had me anxious.

More than anxious.

I was shook up, shaky, overwrought,

And very, very nervous


The day began with cereal,

Complimented by vigorous, violent butterflies.

Persistent butterflies.

I looked like a different person with my uniform on,

Something to grow into.


Waiting for the bus,

My head buzzing, my stomach fluttering.

The nerves hit their maximum.

Stepping on the bus felt like a daring act,

Then it began to move.


The main entrance,

Overrun with pupils, all clambering this way and that.

In a word, busy.

A teacher leads me to the hall.

And I see my classmates.


I receive my planner,

Filled with information that is essential.

It dominates all of the textbooks.

I flick through the subjects,

I can’t wait to get started!


Lunchtime comes around,

Buying food is great because it made me feel independent.

And the food is good.

It’s nice to have a chat with my friends,

After a pretty busy day.


Getting on the bus,

It’s funny to think the day has already passed.

It feels like seconds.

But I really feel like I have accomplished something,

And that tomorrow will be even better.

Aoife-Mae Maddock