Category: EcoSchools

Bishop Vaughan earns Platinum Status

Bishop Vaughan Catholic School pupils are celebrating being awarded the highest Eco-award – Platinum Status. This means that we have been part of the Eco-school initiative for over 8 years and  the Platinum Award is a milestone achievement that  shows sustainable development and global citizenship is well embedded into daily...


Environmental Review & Action Plan

This term the Eco Committee has carried out an Environmental Review of the School. Pupils split up and interviewed a number of key members of staff including the Caretakers, Canteen staff and Teachers. Pupils also worked through the school utility bills to find out when we were using most energy and...


Global awareness

This term the Eco Committee has been working hard to raise awareness of global citizenship. Through assemblies pupils have been learning about human injustices and how that those who are more fortunate have a responsibility to care for those who are less fortunate and that as a world we are...