BVS Student Completes Nuffield Research Placement

Ira, a Bishop Vaughan Sixth Form student, completed a Nuffield Research placement over the summer. She was the student from BVS to participate in this scheme. Ira spent 4 weeks over the summer working in the Psychology department of Cardiff University, working with researchers on a  project examining variability in behaviour. After completing her placement, Ira wrote a research paper on the topic and presented her findings at a prestigious presentation evening last month. Amongst the audience was Sir Martin Evans, Wales’ first Nobel Prize winner.

Ira said: ‘The Nuffield placement was a fantastic opportunity and really helped me make decisions about what I will study at university. Working in a research setting was very exciting and enjoyable and I’m really glad I took part.’

The Nuffield Placement scheme is now open for applications from current Year 12 students. For more information, see Miss Siddika in C1 or apply via the link below.


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